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Water familiarisation, Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction

About Us

Our family owned and operated boutique learn to swim school, located in Wamuran, is passionate about our cause and offers personalised experiences to suit everyone. We are all about quality not quantity and empathise with the average australian family endeavouring to keep Learn to Swim accesible to all. If you are in the market for swimming lessons that offer personalised and professional service in a fun, friendly, relaxed and healthy environment than we would love to hear from you!


At Water Babes we like to think that we offer the ideal learning environment. Our class sizes are small and there is only ever one class conducted at a time. Classes are outdoors in the fresh air and peace and quiet. Meanwhile, Mums, Dads, Carers and Siblings get to relax and watch everything that is going on without being a potential distraction.



We are an Austswim recognised centre and only employ Autswim teachers. Your teacher will be consistent throughout the season, giving teacher, student and family the opportunity to bond and develop a mutual trust.

Mission Statement

  1. We will keep class sizes to a maximum of 3 for babies and 2 to 3 year olds, 4 for 3 years + and 5 for Pre-Squad. We will ensure enough private classes are made available to meet the demand.

  2. We will endeavour to keep staff retention rates high and keep shift changes to a minimum.

  3. We will maintain Austswim Accreditation.

  4. We will endeavour to provide a quiet, calm and relaxed atmosphere within our Learn to Swim area.

  5. We will have lifesaving skills as a core learning component in our programs.

  6. We will endeavour to keep our fees low and appropriate for the socio economic area we are located in.

  7. We will produce new programs at least twice per year that are interesting, varied and individualised.

  8. We will stay in touch with technological advances and provide parents opportunities to manage classes online.

  9. We will provide alternative payment arrangements to make lessons financially viable to parents.

  10. We will stay in touch with technological advances and make water type and quality a priority.

  11. We will provide regular feedback to clients both formally and informally.

  12. We will offer free make up lessons subject to terms and conditions.


If you like what you hear and think we may be the right Learn to Swim Centre for you than why not drop in for a visit and check us out!!


Our Instructors - We are Not one size fits all!


Miss Francine

Austswim Assessor
Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics
Teacher of Toward Competitive Strokes

Apply First Aid and CPR

Program Developer


Miss Maria

Our special needs specialist! Miss Maria is incredibly patient, kind and caring. Like a big cuddly, nurturing teddy bear Miss Maria is perfect for relaxing kids who are a bit anxious or scared.

Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

Austswim Assessor

Teacher of Aquatics- Access and Inclusion

Teacher of infant and preschool aquatics

Apply First Aid and CPR




Miss Lisa

Especially suited to confident little swimmers Miss Lisa crams in a whole lot of content and challenges kids to perform!

Teacher of Swimming and water safety
Teacher of infant and preschool aquatics

Apply First Aid and CPR


Miss Jess

Our young gun! Miss Jess is quite firm, no nonsense and has high expectations of her students.

Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

Teacher of Infant and Pre School Aquatics

Apply First Aid and CPR

All instructors possess blue cards and CPR training


I have a 3yr old boy who loves his swimming lessons so much and all because of Francine :) I love how she builds a trust & relationship with the kids. My boy is not good with people he doesn't know & he is so computable with Francine now as she has put the hard work in & I can see his confidence growing so much in the pool :) thankyou for being such a awesome swim school!
~ Rebecca

AMAZING!! Both my boys love going to swimming at this amazing school. highly reccommend!
~ Sherie

Awesome to see your little business in such high demand Francine, that is a massive credit to you! I recommend and boast about you to everyone I talk too.
~ Jodie

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