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Water Safety


We all want the best for our kids, we want them to be happy, healthy and most importantly safe. In Australia and especially Queensland, water is a major part of growing up, be it the backyard pool, dam, beach etc. we spend a great deal of our downtime in and around the water. For this reason we believe that all Australians should have appropriate and relevant swimming and water safety skills and understand the principles and practices of water safety.

Irrespective of your child's swimming ability, children are never safe when in or around water and should be under adult supervision, however, wouldn't it be nice to be able to relax a little bit more and worry a little bit less knowing that they have undergone training not just to increase their ability but to give them the confidence and skills required to give themselves a fighting chance if they do find themselves in difficulty.

Lifesaving skills are a core component of our programming, they are often hidden within our games and fun activities though so you may not notice them! Things that we include are Safe Entries, Turning to Safety, Reaching and Holding, Breath Control, Propulsion, Resurfacing, Monkeying, Climbing Out, Rotating Horizontally and Finding feet in Shallow Water. We believe in allowing children to learn at their own pace, when they are happy, confident and calm. We would never force or encourage any parent to force a child to go underwater, instead we work on building trust, confidence and relationships and making our program content so much fun that eventually they want to do it all on their own!


I have a 3yr old boy who loves his swimming lessons so much and all because of Francine :) I love how she builds a trust & relationship with the kids. My boy is not good with people he doesn't know & he is so computable with Francine now as she has put the hard work in & I can see his confidence growing so much in the pool :) thankyou for being such a awesome swim school!
~ Rebecca

AMAZING!! Both my boys love going to swimming at this amazing school. highly reccommend!
~ Sherie

Awesome to see your little business in such high demand Francine, that is a massive credit to you! I recommend and boast about you to everyone I talk too.
~ Jodie

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